United Nations Day celebrated at the Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett


The auditorium of the Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett received, on Tuesday, the celebrations of the United Nations Day, which, since 1948, has been celebrated on October 24. In the Portuguese case, the celebrations are in charge of the United Nations Association – UNA Portugal.

Under the general theme dedicated to the “Implementation of the 2030 Agenda”, participants were able to address several themes, such as “protection and enhancement of heritage” and “young people and the United Nations”.

The opening session was attended by the Vice-President of Porto, stressing that “the Municipality of Porto is fully committed to the principles of the United Nations Charter and the Sustainable Development Goals”.

“Unfortunately, we are living in a historical moment torn apart by bloody armed conflicts, serious humanitarian situations and growing climate catastrophes. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that humanity realizes that only by working together will it be able to solve the complex challenges ahead”, said Filipe Araújo.

Port committed to achieving the 2030 Agenda

Regarding the 2030 Agenda, the Vice-President stressed that “it is essential to strengthen the UN’s multilateral cooperation capacity, so that the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are effectively achieved by humanity”. “I reiterate the commitment of the Municipality of Porto in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The results we achieved in the strategic priorities of the 2030 Agenda are widely recognized, both by national entities and, also, by international organizations in this area”, he concluded.

Since 1948, United Nations Day has been celebrated on October 24 as the anniversary of the entry into force of the United Nations Charter in 1945.

UNA Portugal was formally incorporated in June 2022, resulting from a movement of citizens whose common purpose is to contribute to global awareness and who received recognition from the World Federation of United Nations Associations in December last year.