There are innumerable reasons.
The Pact allows signatories to:

  • Show leadership and commitment for the economic and social development of the city.
  • Cooperate in a network of ambitious stakeholders with common goals, leveraging opportunities. 
  • Get recognition in the sustainability and climate action areas.
  • Assess the results of the proposed measures for decarbonization.


Whoever you want.
The Pact can be signed by any person or organization, regardless of size, previous action or legal personality. By subscribing one commits to:

  • Establish and share concrete actions to reduce emissions.
  • Involve different networks in the process of reducing GHG emissions in Porto.
  • Work with local and national governments to define an enabling framework.
  • Monitor and report on the progress of implemented measures to reduce emissions.


It’s simple.
One should just check the Porto Climate Pact (available from the “Subscribe” button) and if there is an agreement with its principles, fills it out and sends it to:


Membership is voluntary, non-binding and free of charge.


Any time.
Joining the Porto Pact for Climate can be done at any moment.