Forestis - Associação Florestal de Portugal

Climate action

FORESTIS is strongly committed to the adoption and dissemination of practices capable of generating a positive impact on the environment and climate. The implementation of the Sustainable Forest Management Certification and the furthering of Forest Education are examples of our contribution to the awareness of future generations and to the adoption of good practices in forest areas, specifically on soil protection and the increase of carbon fixation.

Internally, the implementation of policies for employees regarding the use of public transport and the internalisation of behaviours that stimulate the circular economy through the recycling of waste and equipment are sustainable practices that contribute to the reduction of FORESTIS’ ecological footprint and encourage behaviour change.


The signing of the Porto Climate Pact reinforces the commitment that FORESTIS has had in the defence of the forest, the tree, and the climate for 30 years through the awareness and implementation of projects that allow us to move towards carbon neutrality.

Rosário Alves
Executive Director, FORESTIS – Associação Florestal de Portugal, 2022