Climate action

The themes related to sustainable development take on a central role in the Groupe BPCE 2020-2024 Strategic Plan – which Natixis, Portugal, integrates – and they are followed by all the group’s lines of business and entities.

A global Green axis was defined in this sense, focused not only on environmental issues, but also on sustainable methods and strategies that led to some of the following measures at Natixis, Portugal: we started with the doing away with of disposable plastic in coffee and water machines, installation of water pressure reducers, reduction of the number of printers, and introduction of recycled paper, as well as the acquisition of a fleet of electric vehicles and the creation of a mobile application to manage it.

We also highlight the installation of an urban garden on our terraces (whose harvest is 100% donated to local charities and whose maintenance is done by 70 Natixis volunteer employees) and where the installation of bee hotels will take place very soon; and the EDP Green Electricity Certification, which allows us to use 100% renewable energy in our building.

We are also providing more sustainable forms of mobility to our employees through the installation of chargers for electric bicycles and scooters and the establishment of partnerships that offer benefits in the rental or acquisition of electric mobility vehicles.


We believe that the impact of companies on the community is inseparable from the path to sustainable development. At Natixis, Portugal, we are proud to actively and consciously be part of the Porto Climate Pact, counting, as always, on the involvement of our employees in the initiatives and projects we promote internally and in the community, keeping alive and inspiring the mission of any citizen to be responsible. For the society and the environment.

Etienne Huret
General Manager of Natixis in Portugal, 2022