U.Porto – Faculdade de Desporto (School of Sport, Porto University)

Climate action

FADEUP has been implementing regular and consistent measures to improve energy efficiency (e.g., replacement of conventional light bulbs with LED technology), reduce water consumption (e.g., installation of control systems in showers and water dispensers) and promote the reduction and reuse of waste (e.g., separation of waste and articulation with recycling centres), in addition to seeking to making its community aware of the adoption of good individual practices. In the future, it will intensify the use of renewable energy sources (e.g., increasing the number of photovoltaic panels) and further environmental ethics values.


FADEUP supports and joins the Porto Climate Pact, hoping that this will contribute towards an exemplary city in carbon neutrality and climate action, understanding this intention as an imperative for all of us.

António Manuel Fonseca
Director of FADEUP, 2022